How to Build a Healthy Habit

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If you want to develop strong psychic abilities, you need to do some kind of mental focusing such as meditation or hypnosis recordings on a daily basis. 

Exercising and using your psychic abilities daily is also important for building a strong psychic muscle.  Learn how to develop healthy habits so you can do these things without having to think about them or force yourself to do them. 

As an adult, no one forces you to brush your teeth; it has become a regular part of your day.  It is important to get to the point where quieting your mind and using your psychic sense is a natural, effortless part of your day.  The following method can be used for developing any good habit.

1. Decide what habit you want to establish. 
For example, you want to use some type of mental focusing technique daily.  

2. Make a list of the types you like to do. 
You are more likely to use the techniques you like to do.  For example, make of list of mental focusing techniques that you enjoy:  candle meditation, mantra meditation, whole body breathing, walking meditation, self-hypnosis, hypnosis and meditation recordings, mindfulness, etc.   

3. Decide how often and what time of day. 
For example, you decide to use mental focusing every day in the morning and mid-afternoon.  

4. Give yourself permission to do the habit for only one minute if that’s all you want to do. 
The point isn’t how long you do the habit; the point is for you do the habit each time you have chosen to do it.  For example, you decide to meditate every morning and mid-afternoon. You are doing fairly well with meditating, but one morning you just don’t have the time to settle yourself to meditate.  So, sit where you normally do to meditate.  Close your eyes, take a deep breath and let it out, relaxing your mind and body.  Pause, and if you decide that’s all the time you have or you just don’t want to do anymore, then get up and get going with your day. 

The point is to do the habit – not the length of time. 

You also can choose another item on your list of mental focusing techniques you enjoy.  This prevents boredom and gives you choice.