Foundations for Psychic Development

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The following will give you an idea of what areas you need to work on to provide a base of support, a framework for your psychic abilities to thrive.

This doesn't relate to me at all
This applies somewhat but not a major part of my life or identity
This is definitely me!
Using the scale above, put a number by each item that indicates where you are currently. 
I have the ability to quiet my mind:  I can turn off my mind chatter when I want to (most of the time).  I have experience with meditation, hypnosis, relaxation CDs, or other techniques to quiet self-talk so I am able to listen to my inner voice. 
I am body aware:  I can tune into and get insights from my body.  I have experience with massage, energy work, Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, running/walking, or other techniques so I am able to connect with my body's wisdom. 
I am psychologically healthy:  I am aware when something triggers my psychological issues, and I have tools to move through difficult times.  I have healthy boundaries.  I am introspective about myself.  I reflect about my life in my journal or use other ways to process life experiences.  I have experience with individual therapy, group work, retreats, or other approaches to heal psychological trauma and childhood issues. 
I spend time alone.  I make time during my day or week to be alone with myself.  (You will find it easier to access your psychic abilities if you regularly spend quiet time alone.)  
I am creative.  I enjoy expressing my creativity through art, crafts, writing, drama/acting, music, dance, or other avenues.  Creativity is regular part of my life (even if I don't do it all the time). 
I work with my dreams.  There are times when I don't do dreamwork, but I can usually remember my dreams when I want.  I have gotten past the stage where most of my dreams seem confusing.
I have psychic experiences.  There are times when I know the future, sense a spirit, have psychic insights, or have some other kind of psychic awareness. 
I am curious.  I view myself as a life-long learner, and I am open to new ideas.  Whatever beliefs I currently have about the meaning and purpose of life, I am open exploring this, and I respect that others see the world differently than me. Interestingly, as you take the leap and use it, your self-esteem will grow beyond what you feel is possible—even if you think you already have a strong self-esteem. 
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