Characteristics of the Psychic Sense

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Think about the following characteristics.

Do they apply to you now or when you were a child?

1. Sensitive to noise, the taste of foods, smells/odors, certain colors or color combinations, or touch.

2. Don’t like to be over stimulated.  Can be easily overwhelmed (crowds, noise, etc). 

3. Allergies and upper respiratory problems. 

4. Don’t like to be around electrical equipment.  Light bulbs go off around you. 

5. Don’t like to be in crowds. 

6. Slow to connect with others, particularly in childhood.  You tend to participate in group activities only after getting to know the people, the environment, and the dynamics. 

7. When you enter a room, you usually check out the feel of the atmosphere and people. 

8. Refuse to go near a particular person, room, or building, particularly in childhood 

9. Feel the emotions of others as if these emotions were your own; feel responsible for others’ emotions.  May overreact, particularly as a child.  You have a greater need to resolve emotional conflicts because of this sensitivity towards others’ emotions.  It’s more difficult for you to let go of emotions (yours and others).  May cry easily. 

10. Don’t like conflict.  Have a strong sense of justice and unfairness.  You want to “right” wrongs. 

11. You seem to read family/friend’s mind.  You know what others want before they ask. 

12. Aware that something is happening to a family member or close friend. 

13. Seem to know when someone is ill. 

14. When you are alone in a room, you feel it is full or you have the feeling of spirits being in the room.  Feelings of being watched that is not about a mental disorder. 

15. You know the personalities of deceased family members you have never known.  As a child, recognize deceased family members in photographs. 

16. Take on the mannerisms and speech of other people. 

17. Animals and young children follow you or want to be around you. 

18. See/feel energy in a room, in your hands, around others (even if not colorful as in auras). 

19. Active dream life with vivid colors; flying dreams; fall out of bed a lot as a child; premonition dreams; aware that you are dreaming. 

20. Talk with and/or feel Nature, particularly in childhood. 

21. Objects move around you, particularly in childhood. 

22. Had an “imaginary” friend or animal in childhood. 

23. As a child, fear of the dark or “a boogey man” in your room at night. 

24. Talked about a past life as a child. 

25. Artistic, creative, imaginative. 

26. Think outside the box. 

27. Hear someone calling your name, but no one is (in our reality). 

28. Good sense of direction.

29. Experiences of déjà-vu. 

30. Family members exhibit intuitive or psychic abilities.