How to Access the Akashic Records

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  Akasha:  sky, space, aether. 

Akashic Records
:  boundless space; The Book of Life; Hall of Records; soul record.

Its origins can be found in many cultures under varying names.  Ancient Hebrews, Greeks, and Egyptians believed a spiritual record of all history existed; and for some, it included a list of those eligible for entrance into heaven.  Some view it as an energetic record of all knowledge and experience—everything.  In the early 20th century, Edgar Cayce astral traveled to the Hall of Records to read a person’s soul record.

Some may see the Akashic Records as an account of the fate of the universe—viewing human experience as set in stone now and in the future.  But another way of viewing this is that many future possibilities exist, and all are recorded in the Akashic Records.  By reading the Akashic Record, you can sense what possibility is most likely being played out, giving options and likely outcomes.  This view is empowering, unlike the concept that everything in our lives has already been planned or fated.

The Akashic Records provide another way to approach reading a person, situation, or anything.  Since the Records provide an energetic record of everything, you can use it to read anything.  Often these records are accessed to get information on life direction and deeper insights into one’s soul.

How To:

1.  Relax, ground, and center yourself.

2.  When you are in that centered state, use your breath to further relax your body.
  You might try breathing without a pause between the intake and out breath.  Do this without taking in large breaths or controlling your breath in any way.  At some point, your body will likely feel lighter.  If you feel dizzy, put your breath and thoughts in your feet, and put your hand on your solar plexus.  When you feel more grounded, begin again.

3.  Put your focus and your breath on the top of your head.
  Breathe with the top of your head (crown chakra) until you sense it open.  Then move your awareness and breathe up and out of your head going quickly up an energetic tube or tunnel that continues beyond you.  This tube of energy will take you to the Akashic Records.  Maintain your focus and intention of going up the tube to the Akashic Records.

4.  Enter the Akashic Records.
  You will likely experience the Akashic Records differently from others, and you might find your own perception changes over time.  A being or spirit will probably greet you.  I prefer to call this the Reference Librarian.  You can view this in any way you choose.  At times, you might ask to be shown around and be given a tour and information on how to access the records.  The “record” might be a book, file, scroll, MP3 download, or any kind of format.  It’s all energy so whatever form it comes in isn’t as important as connecting with the energy.

5.  Ask for a record.
  I usually ask the Reference Librarian to give me the record about you, an event, or issue.  If necessary, I ask for assistance to understand the record.  You can stay in the Akashic Records and review the record or move on to the next step.

6.  Bring the record back down the tube of energy and into your head.  I have a knowing deep inside me that when the Akashic record enters into my head, I know what is important to know.  Below are some tips:

“Hold” the Akashic record in your “hands” and get a feel for its weight, thickness, emotion, and whatever else comes to you.

Then, with focused intention, open the record to that tells you what you need to know about at this time.  If you need help with this, ask the Reference Librarian.  They can help even though you have the record in your space.

Allow impressions to come to you about what is in the record.  Use the “clairs” to do this.

Speak—let the record speak through you.  Don’t filter and think about what you are saying.  Just let it flow smoothly and simply.  You can speak it out loud or write what you get on paper or type it.

7.  When you are finished reading the record, return it to the Akashic Records.
  Visualize the record going out of the top of your head, up the energetic tube, and to the great library in the sky.

8.  Close the top of your head.
  Return to your body and pull your awareness back into the room.  If you are spacey, wiggle your toes, stomp your feet, shake your body, and do something to ground yourself.  Reading the Akashic Records is different than reading the energy around a person.  I am typically less connected to the client and to my physical environment when I access the Akashic Records.  But I keep enough connection during the reading so that I am balanced—since this is not usually a channeling session. 



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